The following is a partial list of cases in which Jonathan Parrish has served as counsel. 

Product Liability. Counsel in product liability action based on defective design and warnings with respect to a Utility Terrain Vehicle ("UTV"). Our client suffered a severe lower extremity crush and degloving injury.  Confidential settlement.

Medical Device Product Liability​. Counsel in product liability wrongful death case alleging that medical device failed during a cryoablation procedure, causing a large air embolism to enter the patient’s heart. Confidential Settlement. ​​

Medical Device Product Liability Case.  Counsel in product liability action involving an inferior vena cava filter, the Bard Recovery® Filter, based on design defects which cause the filter to fracture and migrate or otherwise fail at an unreasonable rate. 

Negligent Highway Maintenance and Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle. Counsel in wrongful death action arising out of auto collision against four defendants, including the county sheriff in his official capacity, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and a construction company.  The decedent was a 72-year-old lady with a life expectancy of approximately one to two years due to metastatic colon cancer.  ($500,000.00 verdict).

Premises Liability. Counsel in premises liability case involving an improperly installed roof hatch, which caused the plaintiff to fall 27 feet onto concrete, resulting in catastrophic injuries including a compression burst fracture of his vertebrae, and comminuted and compound fractures of his lower extremities. 

Medical Malpractice. Counsel in medical malpractice wrongful death action against an emergency room physician, physician staffing company, and hospital based on the gross negligence of an emergency room physician and hospital nursing staff. Confidential settlement immediately before trial after more than two years of litigation.

Medical Malpractice and Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Seventeen actions consolidated in four cases alleging various claims arising out of hospital's failure to properly sterilize surgical instruments that were contaminated with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). Confidential settlement of all cases. 

Securities Fraud, Breach of Contract, and Breach of Warranty, Served as counsel to private investment fund in action against brokerage unit of regional bank involving $6.3 million of auction-rate securities.  Claims included breach of warranty/contract due to misrepresentation regarding the fail rate of interest and securities fraud in violation of section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 for fraudulent statements regarding liquidity.

Serious Vehicle Collision. Counsel in auto collision necessitating cervical diskectomy and fusion. Our client had significant pre-existing conditions, including five prior epidural injections.  Our client was pain and symptom free for the two-year period immediately preceding the collision.  However, the herniated disc causing the pain and symptoms was the same on imaging before and after the collision. Confidential settlement after filing motion to exclude the testimony of the defendant's medical causation expert. 

Appellate Cases

Phillips v. Harmon​, 297 Ga. 386, 774 S.E.2d 596 (2015).  Wrote all briefs and other pleadings in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court and argued before the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  In this case, the Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals' holding and trial court's decision regarding spoliation sanctions for destruction of evidence and affirmed the Court of Appeals' decision reversing a defense jury verdict based on the trial judge's ex parte communications with the jury. The Supreme Court's decision is significant because it clarifies that, under Georgia law, a party or potential party has a duty to preserve evidence when litigation is reasonably foreseeable and overrules numerous contrary Court of Appeals decisions.